About us

Druid's Oak is a small family business based in Canberra. We are a family of fantasy and TTRPG lovers, as well as classical woodwork, laser and CNC enthusiasts. We do all our work from our recently renovated home workshop. 

With the help of my wife as the brains and logic behind the designs, and with the technical support and inspiration from my two sons, we have now tested and standardised our products to release to the world!! And we hope you enjoy them.

We love working with wood and wherever possible, make efforts to reclaim discarded woods or recycle old furniture to make our products. As such, the kinds of wood available can vary. If there is something you are looking for and its out of stock, just subscribe and we'll let you know when its back.

We rely on your feedback and we will listen. Please help us by giving us your ideas for improvements or new products either directly here or via the social media links at the top right. We hope to add new and improved products as we go along.

Druid's Oak


I bought this for my girlfiend (she's Irish) and it's Amazing!

M Harper - USA