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Jarrah Dice Wallet

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Love it!

The dice wallet and tray is just what I needed. The craftsmanship is superb, it has a great look and feel to it. I love that they are crafted using Australian timbers, it just makes them really special.

Don't forget this ...

The Dice Wallet comes with three large internal compartments that can be used for storing dice, standard sized minis or pens and pencils.

- Approx. 200cm x 90mm

- easily stores three sets of dice, or two sets and a mini, or if you like, one set, a pen and a mini

- The internal foam presses down on the stored items to keep them from rattling, but not so firm as to damage anything.

-  neodymium magnets are strong enough to keep the case from falling apart if dropped. 

The dice wallet can also be bought with a matching personal dice tray as a matching set.

Jarrah is a prized dark Australian hardwood. The one in the image has a beautiful fiddleback pattern (creating the tiger stripes), although wood grain patterns vary and no two are alike. Unlike bamboo products, this wood has a unique, unstained natural look.