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Australian Cedar Dice Tower

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Awesome quality, has that lovely fresh varnish smell and the magnets are strong. Also fits inside a dice tray for easier transport.

Don't forget this ...

Rare recycled Australian Cedar! You won't find this kind of product anywhere else. It's a much softer and lighter wood than Jarrah or Ironbark, so will go easy on your more delicate dice.

This dice tower is made of two equal halves and held together with neodymium magnets. This allows it to be separated into two parts that sit neatly within any one of our dice trays, or drawers.

- Sits 40mm above ground to roll from outside a tray and role neatly in its landing tray

- Can be used separately with your existing tray, so long as it is 40mm or less above the table level

- Quality wood with a glossy shellac finish

- Holds securely together when assembled

- Stores and transports easily